Pure Fix Team Bikes: Chris

I'm going to get something out of the way right at the start here; I like NASCAR.  And not in an ironic way, or a contrarian way, but in an "Oh-my-god-they're-racing-200mph-side-by-side-in-cars-that-sound-and-perform-like-they're-part-of-the-space-program" kind of way.  Actually, if NASA started to race rockets, I'd be on board too!

And after all, NASCAR and bike racing have a lot in common, take your average velodrome

and now look at America's most famous velodrome


and you can see that we're playing the same game, just with different equipment (plus, most guys on the drome are making race car noises in their heads anyway).

So with that out of the way, allow me to introduce Smoke:

Smoke's a modified Pure Fix Tango with bull horn bars, footstraps, and Tony Stewart's 2005 Home Depot livery.

I know what you're thinking, Matt Kenseth drives that car now, but see here where it says "Smoke"

yeah, that's how you know this is Tony's ride.

Just like NASCAR, this bike is all about drafting.  Is there anything better than ducking behind an SUV at 30mph and getting towed down the street?  (Yes, catching an even faster car).

In LA these stickers are actually a pretty solid theft deterrent too because there aren't a ton of NASCAR fans out here.

My biking philosophy?  "If you're not first you're last" - Ricky Bobby (but if you're going to be "last" you might as well look good and have fun doing it)!

See you at the track!