From the Frame Up

Our Track Series has been storming velodromes all over the world and carrying cats to crit podiums in the streets for more than a year. From the base Keirin up to the...

PFTV3 Training Tips: Drafting

On the track, every inch counts and that means getting the most out of your legs (and your opponents’). When it all comes down to the final sprint, drafting is the k...

Encino Omnium - Nov. 29

The Encino Omnium is a day of races and fun this Sunday, Nov. 29th at the Encino Velodrome sponsored by Pure Fix Cycles! A group of 40 riders from around LA will ...

I'm going to get something out of the way right at the start here; I like NASCAR.  And not in an ironic way, or a contrarian way, but in an "Oh-my-god-they're-racing-200mph-side-by-side-in-cars-that-sound-and-perform-like-they're-part-of-the-space-program" kind of way.  Actually, if NASA started to race rockets, I'd be on board too!

And after all, NASCAR and bike racing have a lot in common, take your average velodrome

Team Pure Fix is going to be out in full force!

Alright, we’re only days away from the Marathon Crash Race and we’re getting pretty pumped.  We’ve been going on a few training rides and setting our alarms extra early to be ready for this bad boy.