Bike to Work Month

With the warm weather finally here for good, spring blossoming into summer, and a full season of riding ahead of us, it's time to brush off the cobwebs and start gearing up for some full-bore biking bliss.

Best of all, we're only two weeks away from May and that means Bike to Work Month! It's the perfect time to give two-wheeled commuting a try, convert some of your car-ed colleagues, and turn that morning/evening trudge into one of the best parts of your day.

Use these next couple of week's to whip your bike into shape, take a few test runs to plot out your route, and make sure you've got everything you need to handle issues on the road. Don't forget to check around for your official local "Bike to Work Day", and do your best to spread the word around the office to share the love.

And May also marks the beginning of biking's new favorite tradition, the National Bike Challenge! This year it's the League of American Bicyclists who are throwing down the gauntlet with the help of 3M, and it looks to be another round of riding, prizes, and general merriment.

All you have to do is sign up with your Strava account (or whatever fitness tracker you prefer), join a team (search for your local city/state and also sign on as a Pure Cycles rider), and then track your rides! Each team will earn points for putting down the miles, and you'll be entered to win sweet stuff, just for pushing the pedals! At the end of the Challenge, we'll have a bunch of winners, even more happy, healthy folks, and a whole bunch of data to show local and national government orgs where people are riding and how to make the streets even safer for bikes! It's win, win, win.

So stop saying you'll get that ride in tomorrow, and make it happen. There's so much good stuff on the horizon, you're going to want to be ready.

And we'll see you out there.