CicLAvia Recap - Glendale Meets Atwater Village

Last weekend, LA again cleared the streets to make way for riders, rollers, walkers, strollers, and anyone else looking to enjoy the sunshine splashed streets, free from their regular traffic.

This time the route wound its way from Glendale to Atwater Village, hitting the east side of town with some much-deserved two-wheeled revelry. It was another amazing CicLAvia and thousands of people showed up to celebrate the streets, clear of the clutter of cars.

As usual, the Pure Cycles squad was out in force, riding, booth-ing, renting out bikes, doing some community art, and giving away a brand new Coaster bike!


We finsihed the day with another rack full of fun memories, another one-of-a-kind art ride to show off in the showroom, and Jose won the Reeves with his awesome shot of the artwork in progress.

The next CicLAvia rolls out in August way down in San Pedro, so start your prep now for a cruise down to the port and we'll see you there for another cycle-ful Sunday!

Happy riding.