Draft LA: Tomorrow

If you haven't RSVP'd to tomorrow's Draft, get to it! We're gearing up for another awesome night of bikes, beer and, as always, delicious tacos - and we can't wait to count you as part of the crew! Tomorrow will mark our 5th Draft LA event and the guest list is as exciting as ever.

This time, we'll be sitting down and chatting with:

Giddeon Massie - Olympic Cyclist, Team USA

Giddeon Massie will be speaking about his journey as a cyclist and Olympic athlete.

And you may recognize Giddeon from PFTV where he led a series of velodrome / track-racing training videos to help aspiring cyclists take their prep-work to the next level.

Jenny Johnson - President Mount Wilson Bicycling Association

Jenny firmly believes that working on the trails you ride is important. Giving back to the sport by helping maintain your favorite routes and spreading goodwill makes each ride more than just a ride, it’s part of a larger picture - building a trail system for future generations to enjoy. Jenny will share her perspective on trail riding, community building and how to explore the epic trails of the Mt. Wilson area!

Jim Shanman - Walk 'n Rollers

The Mission of Walk 'n Rollers is to empower school age children and their parents to safely and responsibly bike, walk, skate and scoot to and from school. In the Spring of 2011, Jim Shanman came to realize that while there were plenty of programs and events to introduce kids to biking and walking to school, there were very few that concentrated on developing a comprehensive campaign to encourage kids to choose an alternative to driving every day. Hence, Walk 'n Rollers was born. Jim will speak about his ongoing efforts to change the way kids get to and from school safely and how we can help make the world a more wheelie place.

Kyle Jasen - CEO of SURESTOP

The SureStop Mission is simple; accident-free biking. Beginning on Sharktank, SureStop is a unique dual braking system that eliminates the possibility of flying over the handlebars and ensures a speedy-stop, every time.

Kyle will share the story of the company's journey and their vision for the future of bike brakes!

You won't want to miss it; so RSVP, ride over, and join us for another awesome evening of Draft!

Ride happy, and we'll see you here tomorrow!