Draft 4 Highlights

On Thursday we, once again, opened the showroom for another evening of bikes, beers, and banter - just what we've come to expect from our People for Bikes Draft nights! And once again Draft delivered. The night was yet another awesome event in celebration of the two-wheeled spirit. We're always surprised and delighted at how willing people are to come together over bikes and to brainstorm what we can do to make the world a better place for everybody.

As always, tacos and ice cream kicked everything off and, with plenty of beer on tap, in cans, and growler-ed up, nobody left thirsty either! This time we did it panel style, so all four speakers could share the spotlight, discuss issues with each other, and more easily field questions from the audience.

We heard from World Bicycle Relief and dove into their efforts mobilizing people through the power of bicycles - removing barriers to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity, just by giving people a chance to ride.

ASSOS stepped up to tell the story of the company that brought Lycra to the masses, and their continued efforts to revolutionize the two-wheeled world via material science.

We were also treated to Chris Demarchi's recap of the Race Across America for team WorkingNation . He and his team rode across the country in less time than it would take most of us to drive, and they picked up no shortage of experience, anecdotes, and excitement along the way.

And Machines For Freedom introduced the audience to their approach designing and manufacturing cycling gear for a segment of the market that a lot of industry seems to overlook - women who ride bikes! 

All in all, it was another amazing experience and we can't wait to do it again!

Keep your eyes on the blog and facebook for the next Draft date to roll out - and then mark your calendar so you won't miss it.

We'll see you here.