From the Frame Up

Our Track Series has been storming velodromes all over the world and carrying cats to crit podiums in the streets for more than a year. From the base Keirin up to the Keirin Pro Elite, we've tried to engineer a bike for every level of rider, but now we're excited to let you build your own!

All 3 levels of track framesets are up on the site as standalone, build-ready projects just waiting for your components of choice! If you're eyeballing a budget-friendly race-build, the Keirin Track frames are up in Carson grey and Encino duochrome.

If you've got a craving for cutting through the air and chumping competitors in the wind, the Keirin Pro frames are up in Cyril grey/green and Detraux orange/black!

And if you're racing against the best and need a top-of-the-line frame, full carbon fork, and a platform for all of your raciest parts - the Keirin Pro Elite is up in the universally-adored Orion colorway!

Whatever you choose, don't forget to snag your parts! We can't wait to see your new race-ride out there this season.