National Bike Challenge

Ready to rep your rides and earn at chance at some sweet bike gear? Then sign up for the National Bike Challenge and join the Pure Cycles team!

Every year riders all over the country ride their bikes, log their miles, and help bike advocates put together the data they need to make our streets even safer! Oh yeah, there are also sweet prizes to win, mini-competitions to fight for, and bragging rights to be earned for your city, state, and cycling clubs! In today's post, we'll walk through signing up for the challenge and joining the team so you can make every ride count, all season long.

National Bike Challenge

First things first, signing up for the National Bike Challenge. Roll over to to read up on all the deets and click the big orange "Join the Challenge" button to sign up!

That'll take you into Strava where, if you already have an account, you just need to log in!

And if you don't have an account, sign up! Strava's an amazing tool for recording your rides, tracking your bike's wear (and your components' too), and finding awesome local routes. You can use facebook, google, or your email address, so pick whichever lands in your sweetspot for convenience/privacy. Last year only saw the occasional update email during the challenge, so you shouldn't have to stress too much about spam, whichever option you pick. 

Pure Cycles Riders

And all that's left to do is join the Pure Cycles team (and any other local/community/workplace clubs that fit)! Once you're in Strava, hover over "Explore" at the top and click "Clubs" from the dropdown menu.

Search for "Pure Cycles Riders", click the orange "join" button, and you're all set!

Strava will let the Challenge know which groups you're a part of, and all your rides will count towards boosting your clubs stats! All you have to worry about is the keeping air in the tires.

The Challenge officially kicks off on May 1st, but you can start whenever you want! We'll see you out there (and at the top of the charts)! Happy riding.