We're well into bike season and the weather's finally starting to break, opening up opportunities for longer rides, aimless enduro-wanders, and all sorts of in-the-saddle-shenanigans! In the spirit of suiting up for the long haul, we just got in a bunch of awesome new stuff to help you pass the miles in comfort and style - let's run through the new hotness!

Machines for Freedom

First up, fabrics! If you're hustling through the hills and mashing out marathons, you need some threads that won't hold you back. Machines for Freedom makes awesome, feminine-friendly performance-gear that'll not only help keep you happy in the saddle, it'll help other ladies hit the road and help everyone stay safe too!

Each piece sold helps the ladies of MFF keep up the hard work advocating for safe streets, encouraging more ladies to ride, and generally making the bike world a better place for all of us. These puppies are an HQ-exclusive, so swing by the showroom to pick up a pair of boss bibs, a jazzy jersey, or both to round out one MFFin cool kit!


And if you're noticing more and more Ornot stuff on the site lately, that's not a coincidence. Every time we toss on a new pair of their socks, slip into one of their House Jerseys, or take a swig from one of their tasty totables - we remember just how awesome their stuff is and immediately order more to expand our collection!

We just got in a ton of new sock styles, a brand new jersey, and a slick new water bottle to match. So you can ride hard, Ornot.


Last but not least, the company that's taken the helmet game by storm just dropped some brand new lids and we're stoked to have them in stock! The Epoch Collection from Thousand ups the artistic ante with copper hardware, hydrodipped designs, and the same safety and security that's made them some of the most coveted brain covers in the game!

Because your helmet has to do more than protect your head, it's got to protect your reputation too.

Swing by soon to see all the new stuff in person and scoop yours before they sell out! Ride happy, spin safe, and we'll see you here.