Pedaling Music

Nothing beats a sunny Summer ride, but no cruise is complete without a killer soundtrack! Headphones? Speakers? Safety? In today’s post, let’s talk about adding some music to liven up your roll!

Pick the Perfect Tunes

Admittedly, this first step is really on you. Only you’ll know the perfect accompaniment to your riding style. Some commuters swear by podcasts to keep that “talk radio” feel from back in their car days, but other folks jam out like it’s happy hour at the local hotspot.

If you’re looking to mash, consider something up-tempo so you can really kick your cadence up a notch by pedaling to the beat. If you’re in and out of traffic, try some metal where they mix up the signatures to mirror the all-over-the-place-pace of city streets. Or, if you’re just looking to relax, pop on the classical or a solid movie soundtrack to give your environment some ambience while you cruise. The point is, pick something you love because the happier you are in the saddle, the easier it is to stack up the miles.

Pick Your Audio Source

The internet is divided when it comes to the headphones vs. speakers debate, but the best answer, as always, is do what works for you. Some people argue for headphones saying that “inflicting” your musical taste on others is tantamount to assault. Others argue that speakers are the way to go because headphones take you too much “out of your environment” to keep riding safely. I’m no stranger to the speaker-aided commute or party-ride, and I prefer to have my ears open, so that’s how I roll. But, if you prefer a little in-ear action – go for it! Just make sure that whatever you choose you’re still able to hear your surroundings (and check your local laws on riding with one or both earpieces just to avoid any unwanted attention from the 5-0). 

Stay Safe

And most importantly, stay safe! Tunes can add another layer of enjoyment to your ride, but you never want to let them become a distraction. If you find yourself pushing when you should be backing off, taking chances when you should be taking it easy, or missing fairly important bits of noise (like trucks, traffic, etc..) consider dialing it down a notch or pulling over for an impromptu dance-break to really enjoy the song. Just remember that getting where you’re headed safely is the most important step to enjoying your ride – everything else is just a bonus.

Now hit the road! Pop on your jam and start pedaling. We’ll hear you out there.