Ride Ready, Whatever the Weather

With school getting back in session and Summer winding down, we're getting back to that part of the year where the weather just does whatever it wants. Hurricanes, heatwaves, hailstorms, and even some atmospheric phenomena that don't start with the letter 'h', anything's possible in the mysterious months that blend Summer and Fall. In today's post we'll take a spin through the best tips and tricks for enjoying your ride, whatever the weather!


For some, rain is the worst part of the water cycle. For us, it's just another reason to ride. Splashing through puddles, spinning along shining streets, and enjoying the sweet ride-relief that cold rain provides hot skin - there's nothing like a rainy day ride, as long as you're prepared.

If you're ready to ride through the wetness, check out our breakdown on how to make those splashfests as enjoyable as possible!

And if staying dry despite the weather is more your speed, grab some mini-fenders and get them installed to help keep all that water on the ground where it belongs. Don't forget to pack some hot drinks for the road too! There's nothing like ducking under a tree for some rain relief and enjoying a steaming cup of joe after that long climb.


And while some riders are dealing with downpours, others' streets are still heating up. As hot August nights blend into Indian Summers, there's still plenty of triple-digit riding to be had this year, and that means prepping yourself to handle the heat!

If the temps are climbing where you ride, read up on for our tips to staying cool on your bike while the mercury rises.


And whatever the weather near you does temp-wise, you can be sure that the winds will be picking up either way. Nothing saps your energy and puts a frowny-face on ride plans like a hammering headwind, but if you've done the legwork, you'll find you can spin through just about anything!

Beating the wind on your rides is as easy as being prepared. Get the full rundown right here, suit up, hunker down, and you'll be slipping through the end-of-summer gales like a pro.

So don't let a little weather decide when you'll ride - be prepared for it all and you'll never find a forecast you can't conquer.

Ride happy and we'll see you out there.