Rockin' Ride

Bikes and music. Like air and water, they're two things we couldn't live without. You'll rarely find a group ride that doesn't feature some tunes thumpin' before, during, or after (or sometimes all three) and, as we've seen in the past, there are plenty of music makers who spend their time off stage on two wheels too!

In today's post, we'll look at one of our favorite photographers who beautifully bridges the gap between the worlds of music and bikes, @mtography.

Hailing from the Steel City, when he's not center stage snapping rock legends in concert, Mike's cruising on his Bourbon and finding the Burgh's best photo ops!

He's shot the stage for a ton of rock icons, and quite a few bands that ride our bikes too (Mastodon, Lamb of Cog, Whitechapel, etc...).

Seriously, his feed makes it feel like the world never stops rocking. It's an amazing source of ride inspo and gets us pumped to hit the road and find the shows throwin' down in our town.


We can't wait to see who's playing Pittsburgh next - or where Mike's Bourbon takes him in between sets!

What's your favorite music to push the pedals too? Take a page out of @mtography's playbook and ride over to catch them live.

Rock on, ride happy, and we'll see you there.