Suit Up for Spring

It's January in California and despite the cold, rain, and the weather's general unwillingness to cooperate, that means spring! Fine, maybe it's not officially spring yet, but after 2016 we could all use a pick-me-up and the new season is already peeking promisingly over the horizon. And with spring's random fits of chill and its welcoming pre-summer warmth it's the perfect time to make sure your wardrobe's up for the flux.

Luckily for you, we've got a brand new stash of spring-ready gear - perfect for getting your closet up to speed for spring or knocking out some pre-v-day shopping for the rider in your life!

Merino Beanie

For those days when the weather can't seem to make up its mind, the solution is always merino. When it's a hot one, merino wool is cool, airy, and fights odors so you don't have to stress the sweat. When the temperature drops, merino is cozy, toasty, and even repels moisture on those rainy-day commutes. Seriously, it's like wearing some sort of enchanted garb made from magic sheep - we can't get enough in our wardrobe.

SWRVE Slim Cordura Jeans

Spring's all about reintroducing yourself to the outside world, and the outside world doesn't offer a ton of opportunities for speedy wardrobe changes, so it's a great time to kill two birds with one stone and ride in the gear you want to rock at your destination. Swrve's slim cordura jeans have enough stretch and durability to make them an excellent pair for pushing the pedals, and the timeless style of denim means you'll never roll up underdressed.

Swrve Cotton/Modal Hoodie

And if you need a hoodie to pair with your new pedaling pants, Swrve's got your back again with their cotton/modal combo! Perfectly weighted for miles in the saddle, the fabric blend fights moisture, odors, and those silly "let's take a break" urges. Just don't let your SO see it or it won't be your hoodie for long.

Pure Pro Race Bibs

And when the spring sings the sunny songs of clear skies and you've got an open weekend to stack the miles, get some kit that's up to keep you comfy for 100+. Our Pro Race Bibs are the same kit the race team rocks for training rides, race days, and anytime the miles hit the triple digits. Cool, comfy, and chafe-free, so you can focus on your pedaling and not your posterior.

So stock up! The weather's only going to get nicer (and then worse, and then nicer again)! We'll be rolling through it all, and we'll see you out there.