Super Bike Sunday

Sunday's the big day for football fans but it's also a great day for some two-wheeled adventure! Open roads, calorie-packed foods, and enough back-to-back car and prescription commercials to really hammer home how much healthier it is to ride. In today's post we'll look at the best ways to work some biking into your Superbowl Sunday!

Ride to the Party

This one's a no-brainer. If you're heading somewhere to enjoy the festivities, do it on two wheels to avoid traffic, parking, and help you burn off those wings, beers, and jalapeno poppers. Sunday's a huge day for food and, when you're using those munchies to fuel your metabolism, you can cram in a lot more and still come out skinnier the next day. 

Play Your Own Game

Let's face it, the Superbowl isn't that much fun on its own, that's why people set up betting pools for each quarter's score, drinking games for the commentary, and there are people that legitimately just watch for the commercials. So why not spruce up your super Sunday with a riding game of your own? Ride out to the bar with your friends to catch the kickoff and then ride on to the next bar every time someone puts points on the board. Or make it about mileage and put some stakes on the scores. Field Goal = 1 mile to the next spot, Touchdown = 3 miles, Safety = everybody swaps bikes, etc... Or, if you're stuck in one place all day, set up the trainer and do gold sprints for every score. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, and the results are always a bit more fun than just parking it on the couch.

Hit the Town

And if football's not your bag anyway, Sunday's the perfect time to take advantage of open streets and hit up the places that're usually too packed to appreciate. As soon as the game starts, street traffic tends to die out and it's a fantastic chance to snag some KOMs, explore typically traffic-packed thoroughfares, and hit all those touristy spots you usually avoid on the weekends. Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Zoo, the Aquarium, the Arboretum - pretty much anywhere that charges for tickets will be way more ghosty than normal, and that leaves you free to enjoy the fun without the crowds. Even free spots like museums, trails, and parks are mostly empty, so why not ride your way out for a picnic, a beach day, or some b-ball? After all, you can already watch the commercials online and the DVRs got you covered game-wise.

How are you spending Superbowl Sunday? We'll be riding, and we'll see you out there.