Wahoo's New Hotness

Yesterday we hosted another round of Tuesdays to Tony's ride action, but this time we had a little extra company - Wahoo's brand new Elemnt Mini!

These sweet little handlebar helpers are so spankin' new that they weren't even out on Monday, so when we got ours yesterday morning we couldn't wait to put it through the paces!

The ride was a typical Tuesday cruise along the LA river bike path to snag some tacos downtown and then back up to Burbank to finish the night with some brews at Tony's.

Eric's new road bike got the honors of sporting the Elemnt Mini and by all accounts it's a pretty perfect little bike comp.

The speed sensor installed in a snap (no magnets! no zip ties!), and we ran it paired to an iPhone for that sweet Strava/GPS integration.

The Elemnt did an awesome job of tracking our stats from speed, distance, and time, down to the calories burned so we knew exactly how many extra sides of chips and guac we could order without feeling guilty.

The only potential downside seems to be that you might turn into "that guy" on your rides, constantly updating everyone on the group's average speed and where you need to be to hit your "peak training curve". Not saying it happened, just saying it could...

In any event, we expect to see quite a few more bikes sporting the Elemnt Mini when we roll out next Tuesday (and we're pretty sure at least one person's going to show up with the full heart rate monitor / cadence sensor setup).

And if you want one for yourself, you can scoop one of these magical mini-comps right in the shop, or swing by the showroom to take a look at one in person!

Ride happy (and track those stats)! We'll hope to see you on the next Tuesdays to Tony's roll!