Wilfred C

This is the second email I send in regards to my experience with your Bikes. I received bikes two weeks ago First bike I rode for one day noticed rubber shavings it appeared the front wheel was off, when I went to check the front wheel nut just came off in my hand. The person who put bike together did not bother to tighten the nut. Then the bell that the bike came with simple fell apart when I tried to ring it again whoever installed it stripped the screw and simply kept going. Then the next day tried second bike. Everything seemed okay until I noticed blur shavings from both rims off blue rim. Thought nothing of it but when I got home from one day of biking I noticed rear wheel not aligned. Next morning a flat. It is hanging on my wall one day and a flat. I take bike number one out three days of riding woke up today entire rear tire is flat in fact exploded and the actual tire not tube appears shredded. Needless to say I'm pissed.