Ride your bike to work month!

At Pure Fix, we like to celebrate cycling. May especially. May 1st starts Bike To Work month. Did you know? It's the 1 month of the year that we get to celebrate the freedom to ride. Us riders all know how much better our day is when we take our bike to work vs. our cars or public transit. But how about those that haven't ridden or don't ride often? If we can get even a fraction of the latter group to hop on their bikes and leave their cars at home, we'll all be in better shape, right?

So, at Pure Fix HQ we're running an internal contest. Feel free to make your own! For ours, we're having all our employees make tally marks to celebrate each time they ride to work and back. For each tally on the board, we're throwing $10 into the pot. At the end of the month, we'll take the total and split it in half. We've chosen to donate half to the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition to show our support for cycling in LA! The other half, we're spending on us. Sorry! We're thinking an omelette guy, a day at the go-kart track, or a margarita guy!

Oh, we forgot to mention that we'll be giving everyone in the office here that successfully rides to work every day of the month, a brand new Brooks B17 Saddle. The saddles are timeless, and after a month of riding everyday, it's our way of thanking our most celebrating riders.

We encourage you to celebrate with us and spread the love with #biketowork. Do your part. We're doing ours!