Pure Fix Team Bikes: Michael

The Bikes:
The Charlie & The Oscar
Charlie: White 40mm pro wheels
Oscar: Black 40mm pro wheels
Charlie: camo red tape, white drop bars, pure fix lights, red straps, water bottle holder
Oscar: silver drop bars, red straps, black bottle holder, defender light, kyrponite u-lock
The Charlie is my office bike. I ride it to Costco for lunch - hot dog meal for $2 is the only way.  I also ride the Charlie to the Encino Velodrome with Nick.  My favorite after work ride is around Griffith Park.
The Oscar is my at home bike.  She is steady - 2 years and running.  My favorite riding spot on my Oscar is to the bball court.
1) Keep it simple.
2) Stay focused and diligent. 
3) Own a dog.