Pure Fix Team Bikes: Nick

I thought it would be a cool idea to do some posts showing off the custom two-wheeled machines we call our own here at Pure Fix HQ.  Throw up some pictures and a little paragraph from each person explaining their own personal philosophy on cycling/life/whatever they wanted to whip together in five minutes and email me.

Apparently, I might have been the only one who thought this was a good idea.  Nevertheless, I’m pushing on!  How you ask?  I’m starting with myself:


The Bike:

Model: Romeo

Wheels: Pink and Blue 50mm

Accessories: Blue straps, Diago pump, Pure Fix lights, Defender light, Celeste Bar Tape

Rider: Nick

This is my workhorse.  This is the bike I ride to work, out to coffee, through the hills, and yes, even on the velodrome.

The colors?  I like colors.  The brighter the better!

The stickers?  A little bit of fun and a little bit of theft deterrent   I mean, who would really want to steal a bike with Justin Bieber on it, right?

My philosophy?  Biking is for everyone.  Don’t get hung up on the little things, it’s about whatever makes you happy.