Let's Get Pedaling, Ladies!

We all know there’s about nothing as attractive as a cute girl on a beautiful bike.  But did you know there’s nothing as safe as a girl on a bike either?

Confused?  Good, I did that so that you’d want to keep reading.  You just got teasered!

An article in The Scientific American shows that the number of female riders in any given city is directly connected to the total amount of cyclists on the road. In countries like the Netherlands, where 27% of all trips are made on bikes, about 55% of those trips are made by women.  So increasing cycling as a way of life is all about making biking more appealing to the female folk.

But there’s yet another catch!

There have been numerous studies showing that the more bikers there are on the road, the fewer cycling accidents.  Seems a bit counterintuitive, but it makes sense.  The more bikers, the more drivers become aware and accepting of bikes and their place on the road, and hence, fewer accidents.

Put these two fun facts together and you get a delicious knowledge sandwich.  Making biking more appealing to women means more bikers, and more bikers means safer biking for all.

So, like I said, there’s nothing safer, and nothing more beautiful, than a girl on a bike.

Let’s get pedaling, ladies!