Having worked at Pure Fix for three months now, I've waited long and hard for my City Bike. Now that my beloved Crosby is finally built up (thanks to a bike mechanic, of course!), I’ve been spending my free time brainstorming all the places I want to ride to in L.A.

Here’s my top five so far, and feel free to comment below with all of the places you plan on riding with your very own City Bike!

  1. Malibu Beach. Driving to Malibu can be so difficult, and don’t even get me started on parking! Riding to Malibu, on the other hand, is just as breezy as that ocean wind in your hair.
  1. Fairfax Flea Market. I’ve always loved roaming the flea market on a Sunday looking for interesting vintage pieces. Now that I have my Crosby, which has that perfect classic bike vibe, I’ll fit right in with the rest of the antique-loving crowd.
  1. Echo Park Lake. Ever since the Echo Park Lake was restored this past summer, I’ve been dying to take my City Bike out there. With their swooping curves, the City Bikes look like they were meant to be ridden on the sidewalks surrounding the lake, don’t they?
  1. Griffith Park. There is no shortage of paths at Griffith Park, nor is there a lack of panoramic views from the observatory, and I can’t wait to take my crisp, mint green Crosby through all of the greenery.
  1. Farmer’s market. With the baskets that are coming soon for the City Bikes, it just seems wrong to not make a trip to the farmer’s market for all of your fresh produce. And with the original farmer’s market located just blocks south of the Fairfax Flea Market on Sundays, there’s no excuse to not spend the whole day on your City Bike.