Draft 3 Highlights

We opened the doors for another evening of bikes, beers, and banter - and again Draft delivered an awesome experience of two-wheeled revelry. It just goes to show that bikes really do bring people together, and that working to make the world a better place is something that everyone is passionate about.

As always, tacos and beer kicked everything off and, now that we've got our taps installed, Draft is actually living up to its namesake! This time we heard from Patrick Seidler, owner of WTB and President of Transportation Alternatives for Marin. He walked us through all the work they've been doing locally and globally to secure spaces for riders and integrate cycling into more cities' infrastructure.

The Friends of the LA River told us the story of their founder and his goal of restoring the LA river to its natural glory. It's really inspiring to see how one person's determination can turn into a city-wide effort to clean up our shared spaces and make the city a more beautiful place.

The LACBC spoke about their events and the work they do locally to make our city more bike-friendly (and of course gave a shoutout to the LA River folks for helping make their annual river ride even more scenic).

And lastly, our founders took the stage to show off the new Volta, and the evening ended with test rides in the parking lot for all the curious attendees. It was easy to spot the people that wanted to keep the bike, because they'd just keep turning loops in the lot.

It was the busiest and best Draft yet, but it won't be the last! Be sure to follow People for Bikes and us on Facebook to stay in the loop, or check back here in a bit for the date of our next Draft. 

We can't wait to see you here!