Make the Most of May

May is bike month and that means plenty of pedal-driven parties, cities doing their best to get citizens out on their cycles, and a thousand and one other fun reasons to ride your bike! This is the month that kicks off thousands of bike-commuting careers and in today's post we'll run through the top tips to making the most of bike month!

Bike to Work

Bike to Work Day is the big one this month. Cities all over the world pick a day in May to celebrate cycling, show off new and planned infrastructure, and encourage people to take to work on two-wheels! In LA, May 18th is the big day and, as usual, there will be pit stops scattered across the city counting bikes, offering help, handing out swag, and cheering you on. We'll have our pit stop set up at HQ to cheer on the locals and all of our own riders, but don't forget to check your own city's sites to see when you'll be celebrating!

If you're new to commuting, we've whipped up a handy guide to help you hit the streets prepared and take the stress out of those first few days pedaling.

And, if you're an experienced ride-to-worker, check out this post on how to freshen up your daily cruise to keep your commutes from getting stale.

Fuel Up

One of the best things about bike month is all the extra calories you get to chomp! All those extra miles translate directly to extra tacos and this month is your chance to eat like a monster, without padding your waist.

If you're curious exactly how many extra snacks you can spare now that you're back spending time in the saddle, check out these handy blogs for a breakdown of your miles per burrito or the math to calculate your own bonus-biking-calories!

Be Ready for Anything

And when Bike to Work day finally rolls around, the last thing you want is to be sidelined by bad weather. May's usually pretty forgiving, but it always seems to whip up a shower, heatwave, or hurricane on the day you want to ride most. 

If your city's known to be blasted by the heat, read up on strategies for keeping yourself cool.

If the Windy City (or a windy city) is the place you call home, check out these tips for keeping it going through the gales.

And if somehow you manage to draw the "rain card" on bike to work day, don't fret! We've got you covered knowledge-wise, just remember "there's no bad weather, just unfortunate clothing."

We'll see You on the 18th!

Now you're armed and ready for whatever bike month throws your way. Don't forget to sign up for the National Bike Challenge, join the Pure Cycles team, and we'll see you out there all month long. Happy riding!